If you are working as a nurse, then it is necessary that you have liability insurance to protect you.  Even though your company has insurance protection, it does not cover all the necessary aspects that personal liability insurance can provide, especially if you are shifting to a different hospital or clinic.  Even if you think that you are doing your best in the service of your patients, there are just some instances in a healthcare profession where patients are unsatisfied and will file lawsuits on either the clinic/hospital or a particular healthcare provider.

Liability Insurance for Nurse Practitioners

The thing is, it is not just doctors that needs insurance protection for malpractice but also nurses.  As long as you provide healthcare service, it is vital that you have liability protection from such lawsuits.  This means that if you are a nurse, it will be in your best interest to have Professional Liability Insurance as this will help protect you and your profession from any eventuality of lawsuits being filed against you.

As mentioned, even if your company provides a good insurance protection, it does not always provide the ample protection you get from personal liability insurance.  There are simply just lots of things that a company insurance policy will not cover.  This is why having your own policy is the best way to protect yourself.  Having your own policy can also protect you in case your license as a nurse gets questioned or if you are accused of malpractice, bad behavior, or use of drugs or alcohol.

The claims for nursing liability insurance can reach a hefty sum.  It is even said that some claims may reach up to a million dollars.  Imagine if you do not have the insurance and you will have to pay such amount for settlements and lawyer’s fee in the course of the lawsuit.  You probably may not have much to pay your lawyer’s fee let alone the settlement fee.  This is why it cannot be emphasized enough just how much you need a liability insurance (ex. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professional_liability_insurance) if you are working as a nurse.

If you are working as a nurse and do not yet have any Professional Liability Insurance, it is crucial that you get one as soon as possible.  The sooner you have liability insurance, the sooner you are protected.  These days, thanks to the internet, you can now get your Professional Liability Insurance for quotes for Nurses online.