When a nursing student graduate and pass their licensure exams, most will likely be off to practice their nursing careers.  Nurses are very much needed in nearly every healthcare facilities and departments as they are basically their main workforce.  If you are a nurse practitioner, whether you provide your service or assistance with medical professionals or provide healthcare service for patients, you should know that it is important that you have Professional Liability Insurance protection.

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Professional Liability Insurance

While it is true the most employers have some forms of malpractice insurance for the company and their employees, the policies of these insurances do not extend much and give full protection for the nurse employee.  In order for the nurse to protect their career and personal interest, they need to have liability insurance protection.  By having their own personal coverage, they are able to protect themselves from any of the coverage lapses that the company insurance has for them, especially on the aspect of transitioning to a different hospital or healthcare facility. To know more about CUPE – Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1974, please visit that link.

If you are a nurse, having your very own Professional Liability Insurance plan protects you from lawsuits that may occur while providing your services as a healthcare provider.  While the premiums on liability insurance for nurses is not as high as that of doctors and medical professionals, this makes it all the more important to get a liability insurance for yourself if you are practicing as a nurse.  The main reasons nurses get sued for malpractice is when they perform negligence on their duties.  Nevertheless, for whatever reasons you may be getting sued with, it is always best that you have the protection of liability insurance.

While the money you spend on the premiums may seem like a waste at first, if a lawsuit does happen, it will basically save you from the expensive cost of a lawsuit, not to mention the monetary settlement you need to pay should your case lose in court.  Since nurses’ liability insurance is not at all that expensive, it may be all worth it should those unwelcome lawsuits come.  For Professional Liability Insurance for quotes for Nurses, you can visit the website of the insurance company you are interested in for instant online quotes.